About Flora Gordon Design + Imagery

Founded on the belief that creative opportunities are everywhere, Flora Gordon Design + Imagery specializes in creating a captivating look and feel to help organizations stand out and connect with their audiences. Our approach to designing resonant campaigns, identities and communication materials involves targeted research, collaboration and problem-solving. We bring dynamic energy, experience and an abundance of thoughtful ideas to the design process.

We serve businesses, the health care sector, organizations that serve the needs of older adults/caregivers, governments and educational institutions. We offer art direction and communication design as well as plain language (accessible) design.

We have evolved from a one-person studio to an integrated team of associate designers and illustrators with the varied and complementary creative skills and industry expertise every project needs.


About Flora
Founder/Director of Design

Photo: Trevor Jansen

Photo: Trevor Jansen

I have a passion for visually expressing complex ideas. I have designed everything from magazines to museum exhibits and enjoy collaborating with creative and technical teams. I have extensive experience designing for organizations that serve the needs of older adults. My photographs have been used in print and television news and advertising.

I am a professionally certified member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada and have a degree in Communication Design from Emily Carr University. I speak about plain design best practices at national conferences, and I developed a plain language graphic design curriculum for Simon Fraser University that focuses on clear communication and readability through layout and typography.

My obsession with advertising started in childhood, when my father would point out clever ads to me. I buy more typefaces than shoes and my sketchbook is always within reach.